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Butternut Squash Lasagna

With layers of butternut squash and ricotta filling resting between strips of al-dente pasta,this lasagna will be the first dish to run out at Thanksgiving dinner.Get the 德赢铂金馆recipe.

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An Inside Look at the Allergy Medicine Murder Case

Written by Laura Pettler,Ph.D.,LPI Could allergy medicine be responsible in part for the tragic murder of Rebecca"Becky"Apodaca on February 1,2017?I'm not a medical doctor,…

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Spicy Turkey Chili

Kick up the heat this fall with a hot pepper-infused turkey stew.Get the 德赢铂金馆recipe.

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Paleo Truffles

Nothing screams Halloween more than candy,and these paleo truffles — made from almond butter and cacao nibs — are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the added sugar….

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Cayenne Pepper Kale Chips

This nutritious snack packs a punch through its combination of paprika,cayenne,and potassium-loaded kale.Get the 德赢铂金馆recipe.

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Shiitake Lean Beef Meatloaf With Sprouted Grain Bread

In this omnivore's take on meatloaf,shiitake mushrooms substitute some of the dish's ground beef while providing vitamin B2,zinc,and vitamin D.Get the 德赢铂金馆recipe.

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Orange-Glazed Salmon With Olive Quinoa

Refresh your palate with a serving of citrus-laden,broiled salmon that's loaded with omega-3s: your heart and your stomach will thank you for it.Get the 德赢铂金馆recipe.

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5 Tips to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Written by Anthea Noel,RN As fall is officially underway,the days will continue becoming shorter and colder causing many Americans to experience increased sadness and depression,a condition known as Seasonal…

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Pumpkin Pancakes With Fresh Coconut Whipped Cream

Thanks to their high fiber count and substantial antioxidant levels,pumpkin and coconut help turn pancakes into a filling and nutrient-rich breakfast.Get the 德赢铂金馆recipe.

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Apple Cider Chicken

Take advantage of this season's apple abundance by fixing this sweet-meets-savory,one-pan chicken entrée.Get the 德赢铂金馆recipe.

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